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Updated: eight/five/2019 | August 5th, 2019

A handful of years ago, I went about the globe and asked folks what travel meant to them. As I travel the nation on my present book tour and hear everyone’s motives for travel, I’m reminded of that expertise.

Travel implies a thing distinct to just about every single particular person in the globe.

There are a million and one particular motives to travel. Lots of folks travel the globe to get the bug out of their method, or to verify points off a list to say they’ve been there and completed that. Some run to escape their difficulties. Some folks travel just to get drunk about the globe.

For me, travel implies numerous points. Travel is freedom. It is about getting in a position to do what I want and fill my day with excitement. Travel was an escape. Travel was “elsewhere”. That location exactly where fascinating points and folks resided. It was escaping the Matrix to study about the globe, why folks do what they do, and how they act. It is about pushing myself to the limit and obtaining much more comfy in my personal skin.

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But I wondered what motivates other folks to do the exact same.

I have my theories of course.

But I wanted to hear it from folks straight.

So, through an extended trip, I asked folks I met on the road one particular query:

“What does travel imply to you?”

And right here is what they mentioned:


I loved hearing everyone’s answers since it so accurately describes all the many motives that push us to travel the globe, study about the folks in it, and ourselves.

Now, inform me in the comments under:

What does travel imply to you?

Share what drives you.

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