1 point I really like about art is that an illustration is like a window into an artist’s thoughts, soul, or what ever you may well get in touch with it. Some artworks and paintings are super content, with vibrant, colorful information proper at your face. Some other people express deep which means via fewer components and easier colors.

Elicia Edijanto is a single of these artists that inform us a lot via her artworks. From Jakarta, Indonesia, she comes up with these stunning illustrations that are so contemplative that it may well attain the deepest corner of one’s soul and have an impact on it. This is the type of art that tends to make you trip, wonder, dream, all at when, wherever you are. A thing really strong certainly… nicely, some may well say that art is a weapon of mass destruction. Destruction of an ugly, lifeless globe. Let there be art, let there be extra of Elicia’s stunning thoughts.

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For extra of Elicia’s artworks, please pay a visit to her individual web site, Instagram or portfolio at Behance! I hope you appreciate these as a lot as I did! Cheers.


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