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Posted: 11/23/2019 | November 23rd, 2019

Compared to quite a few of its neighbors in the Middle East, Jordan is an exceptionally secure nation to check out.

When I was in Jordan, I by no means encountered any security difficulties. And handful of persons gave me that “what are you performing right here?” appear. Alternatively, I located everybody to be satisfied, curious, and welcoming.

And a quantity of solo female travelers I know have seasoned the similar point.

In brief, even though persons might have some trepidation about the area, Jordan is one particular of the safest locations to check out in the area, and most likely tiny will go incorrect right here. In truth, the Jordanian government puts a lot of work and dollars into producing guests really feel secure by way of higher-profile safety and police presence in tourist regions and in hotels.

So what do you will need to believe about ahead of you head to Jordan? And are there any components you should really steer clear of?

The guidelines under cover the security difficulties you will will need to contemplate ahead of you travel to Jordan so you can appreciate each and every moment of your trip. If you preserve these guidelines in thoughts, you will be incredibly secure even though in Jordan!

1. Be conscious of your belongings – Thanks to an improved police presence in Jordan, even petty crime prices are quite low, but it is generally sensible to remain conscious of exactly where your belongings are. There have been reports of pickpockets and purse-snatchers in some of the much more crowded components of Amman’s old town center and at key tourist websites.

two. Prevent the borders with Syria and Iraq – It is prevalent expertise that Syria and Iraq are unsafe locations to check out at the moment, and this extends to their frontiers with Jordan. None of the most important tourist attractions are close to these borders, so it tends to make sense just to preserve clear.

three. Remain away from public protests – It appears that the normal public demonstrations in Jordan are practically generally peaceful, but just the similar, it is prevalent sense to steer clear of major gatherings like this if you can aid it.

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In the capital, Amman, there are frequently demonstrations on Thursday evenings or right after Friday midday prayers, close to the workplace of the prime minister. They also have a tendency to take place when key financial difficulties are becoming debated or on substantial anniversaries. Preserve an eye on the regional media so you are capable to steer clear of accidentally becoming caught up in any regional protests.

four. Be conscious of your security in taxi rides – There have been a handful of reports from female travelers about harassment from taxi drivers. The very best way to steer clear of this is to sit in the back and stay alert. These are incredibly isolated incidents frequently speaking, taxi drivers in Jordan are genuinely valuable.

five. Be cautious on the Desert Highway – Highway 15, which runs north to south by way of Jordan, is one particular of the most important routes among Amman and other centers, like Aqaba. There have been occasions when the highway is closed since of unrest in Ma’an in the south, and other components are blocked from time to time. Verify the regional news for any closures and generally stick to police directions.

six. Invest in travel insurance coverage – Anytime and wherever you travel, you should really generally have an proper level of travel insurance coverage, considering that you by no means know when one thing can go incorrect. Invest in travel insurance coverage when you book your trip to aid you out of an emergency or to compensate you for theft or injury. I by no means leave property without having it.

Regularly Asked Queries on Jordan Security

Right here are some answers to the most often asked concerns I get about security in Jordan:

Is the tap water secure to drink in Jordan?
Typically speaking, the tap water in Jordan is secure to drink. Numerous hotels will have water purifiers as effectively just to assure you get clean drinking water. If you are in doubt of your water’s cleanliness, boil it for a minute initial or use a SteriPen or LifeStraw to purify it.

There are no extensive recycling applications in Jordan so most plastic ends up in landfills. Attempt to steer clear of single-use plastic if you can.

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Are there any scams in Jordan?
Like most nations, there are a handful of scams you will want to be conscious of when going to. The most prevalent scams involve taxi drivers overcharging you or taking you on a longer route, shop owners telling you that handicrafts are created locally when they are not, and shop owners promoting “antiques” that are just affordable replicas.

Most of the scams are merely attempting to rip you off so you needn’t be concerned also a great deal about your security. Just preserve your wits about you and you will be capable to steer clear of these prevalent petty scams.

For much more information and facts, verify out this post on prevalent scams.

Is it secure to check out Jordan solo?
Like anyplace, there are a handful of further precautions you should really take when you travel solo, but Jordan is undoubtedly a terrific location nonetheless. The Jordanian persons are genuinely friendly and welcoming, and you will make lots of regional mates.

Is Jordan secure to check out for solo female travelers?
Solo female travelers will want to take the typical precautions right here in addition to becoming mindful of the clothes they put on. Of course, you will want to assure you are appropriately covered when getting into religious websites but you might also want to cover up when out exploring the nation at huge as effectively.

Undesirable consideration can be kept at bay by dressing like the locals and covering your exposed skin. Extended pants and lengthy-sleeve shirts will go a lengthy way in assisting you appear significantly less like a tourist even though also stopping undesirable consideration.

Right here are a handful of valuable posts on security written by our solo female travel authorities:

  • How to Remain Protected as a Solo Female Traveler
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  • 10 Frequent Queries About Solo Female Travel

Really should I be concerned about a terrorist attack in Jordan?
Government warnings for travelers to Jordan do mention the possibility of terrorist attacks, in light of some incidents in the previous, particularly one particular at Karak Castle in 2016, when a Canadian tourist was killed. There have also been numerous extremist terrorist plots disrupted by the Jordanian authorities. So the threat exists, but the government is ordinarily very good at monitoring and dealing with these.

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General, the terrorist attack warnings are at the similar level as quite a few nations in Europe that you would almost certainly check out without having thinking about this at all.


Regardless of some of its neighbors becoming nations I do not advise going to at the moment (such as Iraq and Syria) Jordan itself is incredibly welcoming to vacationers, and the government, which is keen to have much more foreign guests, has taken quite a few precautions to assure your security.

The friendly locals — combined with amazing ancient architecture, spectacular desert settings, and the uniqueness of going to the Dead Sea, amongst other websites — will make certain you have a completely enjoyable trip to Jordan.

Book Your Trip to Jordan: Logistical Ideas and Tricks

Book Your Flight
Discover a affordable flight by applying Skyscanner or Momondo. They are my two favourite search engines since they search web-sites and airlines about the globe so you generally know no stone is left unturned.

Book Your Accommodation
To uncover the very best price range accommodation, use Booking.com as they regularly return the least expensive prices for guesthouses and affordable hotels. You can book your hostel with Hostelworld as they have the most extensive inventory. Right here are some of my favourite locations to remain in Jordan:

  • Nomads Hotel and Hostel (Amman)
  • Petra Gate Hostel and Hotel (Petra)
  • Arabian nights (Wadi Rum)

Do not Neglect Travel Insurance coverage
Travel insurance coverage will shield you against illness, injury, theft, and cancellations. It is extensive protection in case something goes incorrect. I by no means go on a trip without having it as I’ve had to use it quite a few occasions in the previous. I’ve been applying Globe Nomads for ten years. My favourite corporations that provide the very best service and worth are:

  • Globe Nomads (for everybody under 70)
  • Insure My Trip (for these more than 70)

Seeking for the very best corporations to save dollars with?
Verify out my resource web page for the very best corporations to use when you travel! I list all the ones I use to save dollars when I travel — and I believe will aid you also!


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