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Posted: 11/three/19 | November 3rd, 2019

In current years, there have been a handful of nations that have emerged as fascinating up-and-coming travel destinations. These are destinations that are cost-effective, exciting, one of a kind, and most importantly, totally free from the hordes of vacationers that have clogged the cultural arteries of cities like Barcelona, Reykjavik, and Venice.

A single of these nations is Georgia.

Formerly component of the Soviet Union, Georgia has grow to be a well known location in area for each backpackers and digital nomads alike. Tourist numbers are climbing quickly, with practically nine million foreigners going to Georgia in 2018. Though the majority of them come from neighboring nations, it is also a location that is promptly becoming well known with western vacationers, also.

Tbilisi, the country’s capital, sees the most guests — and for fantastic cause. It is a gorgeous city with a picturesque Old Town that has been colorfully restored in current years. There is also lots to see and do in and about the city, like exploring the Narikala fort ruins, seeing the Jvari Monastery on the nearby mountain major, and going to the quite a few lovely cathedrals and churches that dot the city.

Outdoors of Tbilisi, travelers can discover the mountains and caves of Georgia’s picturesque landscapes and if you like wine, you will be delighted to understand that Georgia is truly one particular of the oldest wine regions in the planet!

Greatest of all, Georgia is super low-cost (a enormous plus in my book)!

But is Georgia secure?

Though there was some danger a decade back for the duration of the Russo-Georgian War, Georgia is now a secure nation to check out. In reality, the International Crime Index rated Georgia as the seventh safest nation in the planet in 2017!

But simply because quite a few folks do not know substantially about Georgia, I nevertheless get some messages from folks asking about the security issues there.

So, what do you have to have to consider about just before you go to Georgia? Are there any areas you shouldn’t go?

The eight security ideas beneath will inform you all about the dangers in Georgia and how to deal with them so that you can love your trip safely.

1. Stay clear of South Ossetia and Abkhazia – The regions of South Ossetia (on the Russian border, north of Tbilisi) and Abkhazia (bordering Russia and the Black Sea in the far west of Georgia) are not secure to check out. These are breakaway regions of Georgia which have skilled higher conflict in current years.

There are nevertheless automobile bombs and other terrorist attacks reported periodically in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and there are unexploded landmines also.

Just do not check out the regions, and you will be fine.

Also, do not attempt to travel by means of them into Georgia from Russia, as that is illegal beneath Georgian law.

two. Remain alert – Like in any nation exactly where the locals see the vacationers as becoming wealthier, petty theft can occur. It is a reduced danger than in quite a few nations but it is nevertheless significant to take precautions.

Do not put on flashy jewelry or watches or flaunt huge amounts of money. Maintain an eye on your bags at all occasions also. The most prevalent incidents take place in busy tourist regions or on crowded public transportation. If you can retain your guard up in these areas, you will be fine.

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three. Beware of the bar scam – There are been reports of vacationers in Tbilisi becoming scammed by locals who invite them into a bar for meals and drinks and then force them to spend a definitely higher bill. It is not prevalent right here but it is some thing to be conscious of.

four. Be wary of demonstrations or protests – It is pretty prevalent for political demonstrations to take spot in Tbilisi and at times other components of Georgia, even though they most usually occur outdoors the parliament on Rustaveli Avenue in Tbilisi.

Though the most most likely dilemma is just an interruption to public transport you ought to generally be conscious that protests can turn violent and it is most likely safer to remain away.

five. Be cautious when driving – Regrettably the road situations in substantially of Georgia are not wonderful. When combined with reckless driving from the locals, website traffic accidents are fairly prevalent. In some cases road markings are lacking and there is normally confusion about which driver has proper of way.

When in a automobile, generally put on a seatbelt. Furthermore, prevent driving right after dark as effectively as the lack of fantastic lighting tends to make it even additional hazardous.

six. Discover a handful of words or have a translation app prepared – Georgians are ordinarily definitely friendly, but not quite a few of them speak English. If some thing goes incorrect they are generally delighted to aid you out, but you may have to have a handful of words of the regional language or a fantastic translation app to aid you clarify what you have to have.

The Georgian language is fairly unique – it is one particular of the oldest in the planet and it has a one of a kind script. If you can understand a handful of words just before you go. There are lots of totally free sources on the net and you can download Google Translate just in case you have to have to translate on the go.

7. Be cautious in the mountains – Georgia’s lovely alps are producing it a well known location for skiing and mountaineering. But at the moment, it is nevertheless really hard to get up-to-date, precise facts about the climate situations there, so you have to have to be cautious. If in doubt, skip the adventure for the day.

Also, even though they’re enhancing, the security requirements for adventure sports in the mountains in Georgia are nevertheless reduced than you may count on. If you are getting doubts about an activity, attempt utilizing a specialist guide and verify testimonials for security levels just before you go.

eight. Get travel insurance coverage – I in no way leave household without the need of travel insurance coverage. Though most trips are uneventful, it is significant to be ready just in case. Travel insurance coverage can save you hundreds and thousands of dollars and deliver important help in an emergency. Recall, it is generally superior to be secure than sorry!

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We advocate Planet Nomads for travelers beneath 70, though Insure My Trip is the ideal option for travelers more than 70.

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FAQ’s on Security in Georgia

To aid you remain secure and make the most out of your check out, right here are some answers to the most prevalent concerns I get about traveling to Georgia:

Is Georgia hazardous to check out?

Most components of Georgia are really secure to check out. Nonetheless, you ought to absolutely prevent the South Ossetia and Abkhazia regions on the border with Russia. You ought to also be conscious that the Pankisi Gorge region (north-east of Tbilisi) has been identified for terrorist education and activity in the previous, even though current reports look to recommend that it is at present secure to check out.

Is Tbilisi a secure city?

The Georgian capital, Tbilisi, is normally a quite secure spot to check out. Be conscious that the drivers can be a small erratic so you have to have to have your wits about you as a pedestrian. There are also some reports of petty crime against vacationers like pickpocketing in the most important tourist regions, so retain an eye on your belongings, but the danger is reduced than in quite a few other European cities.

Is the tap water secure in Georgia?

Though it can be reasonably secure to drink the tap water in some components of Georgia, and it is sourced from freshwater sources in the mountains, there have been incidents of travelers selecting up giardia for the duration of their travels. Regrettably, this indicates it is ideal to prevent the tap water though you are right here.

The ideal way to make positive your drinking water is secure is to bring a SteriPen or LifeStraw for your reusable water bottle. This way you will be capable to purify the tap water so you do not get sick — and prevent utilizing single-use plastic bottles in the procedure.

Are the taxis secure in Georgia?

Taxis are a prevalent way to get about in Georgia and are ordinarily pretty. Just make positive you put on your seatbelt as drivers right here can be aggressive and the guidelines of the road are interpreted additional as recommendations than law.

Be conscious that taxis right here do not have meters, so you will have to have to agree on a cost in advance. Ask your hostel or hotel employees for guidance about how substantially you ought to count on to spend just before you catch a ride. That way, you can prevent obtaining overcharged.

If you are a solo female traveler, I’d prevent taking taxis alone at evening (but that is my guidance for fairly substantially each and every city).

Is Georgia secure for solo female travelers?

Provided how secure Georgia is in basic, it is most likely no surprise to hear that yes, Georgia is secure for solo female travelers. The usual guidelines apply, even though: do not stroll alone at evening, beware of strangers providing your drinks or meals (in particular in bars in Tbilisi), and in no way leave your drink unattended. Though it is uncommon, there have been incidents of drink spiking in Georgia.

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In quick, as extended as you use the prevalent-sense practices you use at household you ought to have no challenges right here.

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So, ought to you check out Georgia? You can look at oneself quite secure in Georgia. It may be a comparatively unknown location to travelers but that does not imply it is hazardous. Be conscious of reduced driving and road requirements and take the usual precautions with your belongings — in particular when you are in a additional crowded tourist region.

Do that, and you will have a secure trip to Georgia!

Book Your Trip to Georgia: Logistical Suggestions and Tricks

Book Your Flight
Obtain a low-cost flight by utilizing Skyscanner or Momondo. They are my two preferred search engines simply because they search internet websites and airlines about the globe so you generally know no stone is left unturned.

Book Your Accommodation
To uncover the ideal price range accommodation, use Booking.com as they regularly return the least expensive prices for guesthouses and low-cost hotels. You can book your hostel with Hostelworld as they have the most complete inventory. Some of my preferred areas to remain in Costa Rica:

  • Fabrika (Tblisi) – This hostel is also a bar and co-operating space housed in an old Soviet warehouse. It is got a cool vibe and the folks right here are great. This is the ideal spot to remain in the nation if you ask me.
  • Temi Hostel (Kutaisi) – This hostel is modest but the employees are wonderful and it is clean and cozy. It is in a wonderful place also.
  • Boutique Hotel and Medusa Hostel (Batumi) – This spot is comparatively new so the beds are comfy and have curtains and the spot is effectively maintained. The employees are super beneficial and will make positive you have an remarkable check out to Batumi.

Do not Neglect Travel Insurance coverage
Travel insurance coverage will guard you against illness, injury, theft, and cancellations. It is complete protection in case something goes incorrect. I in no way go on a trip without the need of it as I’ve had to use it quite a few occasions in the previous. I’ve been utilizing Planet Nomads for ten years. My preferred businesses that present the ideal service and worth are:

  • Planet Nomads (for everybody beneath 70)
  • Insure My Trip (for these more than 70)

Searching for the ideal businesses to save income with?
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Want Additional Facts on Georgia?
Be positive to check out our robust location guide on Georgia for even additional organizing ideas!


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