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Posted: 10/five/2019 | October 5th, 2019

Bangkok can be an overwhelming location for vacationers, and it is depicted in numerous Western films as seedy, gritty, and intense, with wild nightlife and in no way-ending targeted traffic.

Most guests do not keep there for extended, but if you are patient and commence to peel back the layers, you will learn a complicated, wonderful city filled with some of the friendliest and most thoughtful people today you will ever meet (Thailand is referred to as the Land of Smiles for a purpose!) and scrumptious street meals.

But is Bangkok a secure spot to take a look at?

Just like any main city, you will have to be alert and conscious of your surroundings, but it is quite secure, and the danger of critical danger is extremely low (unless you are up to anything illegal). You are most probably to encounter compact scams developed to get a couple of added bucks from you (additional on that later).

Right here are a couple of approaches to keep added secure in Bangkok:

1. Be alert as a pedestrian.
Website traffic in Bangkok is chaotic — numerous motorbikes will run red lights or even drive on the sidewalks! — so it is generally a fantastic concept to be cautious when crossing the streets and walking about town. Appear each approaches and keep alert. (And, bear in mind, they drive on the left side of the road (British side) so be certain to appear and keep alert!

two. Carry a photocopy of your passport with you.
This is a no-brainer for any person who travels overseas. Place your true passport away in the lockbox offered by your hotel or hostel, and carry about a photocopy or a digital version on your telephone or in your e mail.

three. Under no circumstances leave your drink unattended.
This is one more universal security tip. Drinks can be spiked at any moment, so generally preserve yours close, or hand it to somebody you trust if you have to have to.

four. Do not take or accept any recreational drugs.
Thailand has a strict no-drugs policy any person caught working with or carrying illegal substances will go to jail, or in uncommon situations obtain the death penalty.

five. Do not speak about the royal family members.
Beneath the lèse majesté law, you are forbidden to speak negatively of the king and the royal family members. If you are caught insulting the monarchy, you will be sentenced to 3–15 years in prison. Other nations might have lèse majesté laws, but Thailand’s enforcement is the world’s harshest. More than the years, people today have faced lèse majesté charges more than minor offenses: a lady who wore black on the king’s birthday, a man who mocked the king’s dog on the world-wide-web, and men and women who have liked Facebook posts with regards to the king, to name a couple of.

It is important you not go over the king or royal family members publicly or with locals, or you will face main consequences that all the travel insurance coverage in the planet will not guard you from!

six. Purchase travel insurance coverage.
No a single desires to believe about items going incorrect on their trip, but becoming ready and obtaining travel insurance coverage is anything I do just before every single trip. You must have it anytime you travel, but in a nation exactly where petty theft and scams are, regrettably, a tiny additional frequent, it is added essential. And of course, it is also essential for covering any healthcare or other emergency predicament you may possibly encounter. Be a intelligent traveler — invest in travel insurance coverage.

How to Stay clear of Scams in Bangkok

Bangkok is usually secure for travelers and backpackers, but it is also extremely hectic. Petty theft (like bag snatching) is the most frequent kind of crime you will face. Also, some people today will attempt to rip you off, like taxi drivers who refuse to turn on their meters. Avoiding travel scams calls for a lot of frequent sense and a healthier dose of suspicion. (Also study this post on travel scams to keep away from.)

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Right here are the two most frequent scams to be conscious of:

Taxi scams: You hop into a taxi and understand the meter is not operating. You mention this to the driver and their response is that the meter is “broken,” and he quotes you a value that is outrageously higher. Or you may possibly notice that the meter is functioning but the fare is growing as quick as a bullet train in Japan.

To keep away from this scam, do your investigation and get an concept of how substantially a ride must expense from your hostel or hotel employees just before hailing a taxi. In my expertise, if the cabbie tries to negotiate the price, I use the a single quoted to me although my prior investigation, and if he refuses, I get out and obtain somebody who will turn the meter on. (Ideally, use only taxis with functioning meters.)

If the meter appears as although it is increasing unusually quick, ask the driver to pull more than and get out quickly.

A different predicament you might encounter is your taxi driver “taking the scenic route.” You will finish up sitting in targeted traffic, and the cabbie will make funds at your expense. We reside in the age of technologies, so if you are suspicious of your driver’s route, pull your smartphone out and use Google Maps to obtain the quickest way to your location. (Improved but, obtain out the optimum route ahead of time.)

Do not hesitate to show the telephone to your driver and insist on taking this route. Download a map of the city working with Google Maps or MAPS.ME so you generally have access to it offline.

If you finish up with a terrible taxi expertise, take a photo of the driver’s ID/registration quantity and report him to Thailand’s tourism board. And generally, generally use only official taxis.

The tourist web-site is “closed”/tuk-tuk ride scam: This is likely the most frequent scam in Bangkok. When going to tourist attractions, normally about Wat Phra Kaew, the Grand Palace, or Wat Arun, somebody will randomly come up to you and say that the spot is closed for a particular ceremony or for lunch hour. Then, this overly beneficial person will give to take you to areas that are open. Although touring the attractions, the driver will take you to a gem shop, a souvenir shop, or a tailor exactly where they obtain a commission.

A couple of hours later, the driver will drop you off at your original place as soon as it is “reopened,” and by that time you have realized that the web-site was open the complete time — you have been just in the incorrect aspect of the constructing.

This is exactly where your fantastic sense and self-assurance come into play. Stay clear of speaking to these locals, or firmly say “no thanks” and stroll away. Or obtain the principal entrance or ticket counter and see for your self!

A different issue to note is that most attractions do not close for lunch — they close for the day. Appear up the hours of operation just before you go, so you know what to anticipate — opening and closing occasions are pretty much generally obtainable on the web.

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FAQ on Bangkok Security

Under is a list of some of the frequent queries I get on security in Bangkok, so you can be far better ready for your trip!

Is street meals secure?
Yes, completely! Bangkok is thought of the street meals capital of the planet, and you will not obtain a shortage of stalls promoting scrumptious neighborhood dishes on every single corner. With that stated, if there is anything that does not smell or appear “kosher,” then it may possibly be most effective to keep away from. If a street vendor has neighborhood prospects, you can typically trust that it is secure. (If you are overwhelmed with exactly where to start off, I’d advise reading this weblog post on how to tackle the street meals culture in Bangkok.)

Is the tap water secure?
According to the Bangkok Metropolitan Waterworks Authority, it follows the Globe Overall health Organization requirements for offering secure drinking water for the population. Nonetheless, though the water is treated in plants, the pipes it travels by means of can be extremely old and dirty, which can lead to contamination. Locals typically boil the tap water initial just before drinking it, or they will obtain bottled water. Use a Steripen or Lifestraw to assure that your water is secure to drink. Also, bring a reusable water bottle to reduce down on your plastic consumption.

Are taxis secure?
Taxis are secure and cost-effective and my preferred way to get about town. Nonetheless, you will come across the occasional meter or “scenic route” scam. When you get into a cab, generally verify that it has a functioning meter and agree on a route prior to the start off of your journey. (If you have study the section on taxi scams above, you will be properly ready for this kind of predicament.)

Is Bangkok secure for solo travelers?
Bangkok is secure for solo travelers, and a fantastic initial city to solo-travel in. I’ve been going there for the previous 15 years and have seldom encountered any challenges.

Nonetheless, there are places of Bangkok that are all about partying and drinking, and the greatest incidents occur when people today are drunk and stupid. Do not get as well drunk. Also keep away from illegal substances at all expense — Thailand is extremely, extremely strict on drugs, and you are going to be screwed if you get caught. Often trust your gut instinct if you do not do it at property, do not do it when you are in Bangkok.

Is Bangkok secure for solo female travelers?
Solo female travelers must really feel secure touring the city. It is extremely uncomplicated to meet other travelers, in particular female ones, in Bangkok. Some precautions and preparing are in order, although: Often have a downloaded map and translation app so you can obtain your way property or ask for aid if you have to have it. Do not flaunt any valuables, and keep away from taking taxis alone at evening. If you are nevertheless nervous about heading someplace, ask to join a group at your hostel groups are much less probably to be victims of scammers or theft, and you will really feel safer that way.

Right here are a couple of beneficial posts on security written by our solo female travel specialists:

  • How to Remain Secure as a Solo Female Traveler
  • eight Myths About Solo Female Travel Debunked
  • 10 Widespread Queries About Solo Female Travel


Bangkok has an electric power to it, and with its endless provide of items to see and do, you will in no way be bored. I ultimately started to adore the city when I got know it beyond the temples and the standard tourist websites. After I discovered hidden markets and remarkable street stalls frequented only by locals, became good friends with residents, and understood how Bangkok operated, I understood why people today loved it so substantially.

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Like any main city, Bangkok comes with its fair share of scammers and unruly drivers. If you are intelligent and alert, trust your instincts, and comply with this security guide, you will have an unforgettable expertise although staying secure.

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