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Posted: eight/29/19 | August 29th, 2019

Though most price range travelers are content material with a normal travel insurance coverage package, now I wanted to speak about one particular precise aspect that I get asked about a lot: getting further healthcare evacuation insurance coverage.

When I 1st began roaming the planet, I assumed that normal travel insurance coverage would cover the price of receiving back dwelling should really I get injured abroad. Is not that what their “medical evacuation” coverage does?

I was shocked to uncover that, a lot more frequently than not, that is not the case.

Turns out, just mainly because you get injured and demand healthcare transportation does not imply you get sent dwelling.

If you study the fine print, most travel insurance coverage businesses only cover your healthcare transport to the “best” healthcare facility close to exactly where you are. This is what they contact the “nearest acceptable facility.”

They determine exactly where you go, not you.

They determine what the greatest facility is.

They determine what is appropriate.

And after your travel insurance coverage corporation sends you to a hospital, they have fulfilled their evacuation obligation to you. That implies that if you are not sent dwelling, you could be liable to then cover the price of receiving dwelling — which can be a lot of dollars.

Now, this is not to say that “regular” travel insurance coverage is undesirable. It just implies that men and women assume it covers a lot a lot more than it does and are frequently upset when they uncover out otherwise. I imply, I appreciate travel insurance coverage (I never ever leave dwelling with no it), but it is significant to know its limitations. Generally study the fine print!

This is exactly where extensive healthcare evacuation coverage can come in handy in addition to your current travel insurance coverage program.

What is Health-related Evacuation Insurance coverage?

Very first, let’s get one particular issue clear: Health-related evacuation insurance coverage is not the precise identical issue as travel insurance coverage (and vice versa).

Of course, travel insurance coverage normally contains healthcare evacuation insurance coverage, but travel insurance coverage is especially developed to shield travelers from monetary loss in the occasion of trip interruptions and cancelations, as properly as injuries although abroad.

Reduce your self on a rock although hiking? Travel insurance coverage will assist.

Baggage lost or delayed soon after a flight? Travel insurance coverage will assist.

A person pickpocket your telephone? Travel insurance coverage will assist.

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For most travel and healthcare emergencies, travel insurance coverage will suffice.

But exactly where it frequently falls quick is when you need to have to be repatriated.

Most travel insurance coverage plans do contain decent coverage for healthcare evacuation — but they only take you to the nearest facility that can deal with your emergency. This implies:

  • No assure of going dwelling
  • No assure of going to the absolute greatest healthcare facility to help you
  • No assure of somebody on the ground to stroll you via the approach — you are typically left to deal with all of that on your personal.

And for some men and women, that is not very good adequate.

Why is Health-related Evacuation Insurance coverage So Vital?

When I was stabbed in Colombia, I went to a nearby hospital. I was on my personal, left to navigate the approach with what tiny broken Spanish I knew. Though I received simple healthcare care, it was not specifically the greatest in the planet. I flew back to the US shortly soon after that to get the care I necessary.

I was fortunate that I didn’t demand surgery and that I was in a position to deal with the scenario on my personal. I didn’t necessarily need to have healthcare evacuation insurance coverage for that incident.

But not everybody will be that fortunate. Earthquakes, monsoons, hurricanes, floods, and fires do occur — and the list goes on.

Every and each year, 10 million travelers are hospitalized abroad — with more than two million requiring healthcare transportation!
And should really you need to have to be evacuated due to an injury, climate occasion, or political crisis, you absolutely do not want to be stuck with a pricey repatriation bill. Immediately after all, evacuation and transportation are not inexpensive. Charges for a healthcare evacuation or healthcare transfer can variety from $30,000 to upwards of $200,000.

Yes, you study that ideal: $200,000!

Unless you have that sort of dollars lying about, you will want to make confident the insurance coverage that you get covers you for healthcare evacuation, transportation, transfers, and repatriation. You do not want to be stranded at a foreign healthcare facility — in particular if that facility does not deliver the degree of care that you need to have.

Though these sorts of emergencies are uncommon, it is a lot greater to spend a compact charge now than to danger going bankrupt mainly because of an unexpected injury. For the reason that $200,000 is a LOT of dollars!

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Just as significant as the monetary argument for healthcare evacuation insurance coverage is the reality that obtaining extensive coverage offers you peace of thoughts. You and your loved ones can unwind, understanding that, should really the worst occur, you have a corporation there that is prepared and in a position to assist you get via it. The final issue you want on your trip is to be fretting about the fine print on your insurance coverage policy.

More than the previous 10 years, I’ve had to deal with all sorts of hiccups on the road, from minor inconveniences, like a broken camera and lost baggage, to a lot more critical conditions, like when I burst my eardrum.

Take it from me: peace of thoughts is worth the value.

That is why it is significant to be ready.

That is why a lot more and a lot more travelers are making sure they have healthcare evacuation insurance coverage AND joining healthcare transport membership applications to assure they can get all the way to a hospital at dwelling.

Our Encouraged Business

Medjet is a membership system that presents extensive healthcare transportation solutions all about the globe. They have access to hundreds of air ambulances, specialist healthcare transport escorts and employees, 24/7 situated all more than the planet, and if you also have their safety coverage, you have 24/7 access to a worldwide network of safety and crisis professionals for in-nation response and evacuation if you need to have it!

Medjet has the greatest reputation for healthcare transport solutions. They have been the 1st healthcare transport system in the US and have been performing it for pretty much 30 years. They specialize in hospital-to-hospital transport, creating it the go-to corporation for travelers concerned about healthcare evacuation and repatriation. All the travel pros I know use it.

Exactly where most insurance coverage businesses will just take you to the nearest healthcare facility, Medjet will make confident you get to a hospital at dwelling.

On top of that, Medjet:

  • Permits you to pick what dwelling hospital/healthcare facility you want to go to.
  • Arranges healthcare transfer regardless of healthcare necessity (this is exactly where most travel insurance coverage evacuation coverage falls quick).
  • Delivers service each inside the US as properly as abroad (any time you are 150 miles or a lot more from dwelling it functions).
  • Does not have any “adventure travel” exclusions like most insurance coverage healthcare does.
  • Can initiate safety response and evacuation even if there is no government warning to do so.
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On the other hand, it is also incredibly inexpensive — I’m nonetheless a price range traveler soon after all! Medjet presents each quick-term and annual plans. An annual membership can price as tiny as $295 USD per year, which is wonderful worth if you are an avid traveler.

If you are searching for coverage that goes above and beyond what most businesses provide, you will want to look at Medjet — in particular if you are concerned about the price of a healthcare evacuation.

It is also the ideal option for any one searching to do adventurous activities or travelers who are heading into a area exactly where intense climate events (such as hurricanes or floods), fires, or earthquakes are widespread.


No one likes to picture a thing going incorrect on their trip. But accidents and emergencies do occur. Make confident you have the evacuation insurance coverage coverage you need to have on your subsequent trip. You will not regret it!

Book Your Trip: Logistical Suggestions and Tricks

Book Your Flight
Come across a inexpensive flight by working with Skyscanner or Momondo. They are my two preferred search engines mainly because they search sites and airlines about the globe so you constantly know no stone is left unturned.

Book Your Accommodation
You can book your hostel with Hostelworld as they have the biggest inventory. If you want to keep someplace other than a hostel, use Booking.com as they regularly return the least expensive prices for guesthouses and inexpensive hotels. I use them all the time.

Do not Neglect Travel Insurance coverage
Travel insurance coverage will shield you against illness, injury, theft, and cancellations. It is extensive protection in case something goes incorrect. I never ever go on a trip with no it as I’ve had to use it quite a few occasions in the previous. I’ve been working with Planet Nomads for ten years. My preferred businesses that provide the greatest service and worth are:

  • Planet Nomads (for everybody beneath 70)
  • Insure My Trip (for these more than 70)

Searching for the greatest businesses to save dollars with?
Verify out my resource web page for the greatest businesses to use when you travel! I list all the ones I use to save dollars when I travel – and that will save you time and dollars as well!


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